What is Huzefa Patel’s Knowledge Sharing Cloud?Huzefa Patel’s Knowledge Sharing Cloud is an initiative by Huzefa Patel to centralize important and valueable documents to a single File Sharing Cloud which can be accessed by it’s registered members. Is This Platform Free For Community?Yes, for time being I have not kept any charge or fee for registration. It can be made paid in future. So whoever registeres to this platform during free period will going to have free lifetime access to […]

ZOOM has been in News, Discussions on many blogs nowadays. So zoom is basically a video conferencing and remote screen sharing software used for virtual meetings and many other business requirements. Since most of the world is working from home because of COVID-19 pandemic, suddenly the spike in usage of zoom has been increased from 10 Million to 200 Million daily users. It is obvious that in order to serve such a dramatic spike in usage, zoom will lag somewhere.

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As we all are working from home nowadays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and some of us must be surely working on some of the most critical & confidential environments. Some bad guys with high skills are looking at their own profit and attacking vulnerable system even in such critical crisis. As we know “There’ll be good people, and there’ll be bad guys too in every situation.” it is very important to take necessary precautions to protect yourself while working

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Like other RDBMSes, the world’s most advanced opensource database PostgreSQL also comes with a wide range of backup solutions Logical & Physical. Logical backup is a method of dumping the database into single or multiple files which can be restored to the time of backup taken using a dump file. On the other hand, Physical backup in PostgreSQL is a backup of the base directory where database files are stored, this backup is useful for crash recovery and to perform

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PostgreSQL supports most of the major features of SQL:2003. Out of 164 mandatory features required for full Core conformance, PostgreSQL conforms to at least 150. No current version of any database management system claims full conformance to Core SQL:2003. Below are some PSQL (Postgres’s SQL) commands for beginners to getting started with PostgreSQL. 1. Connecting to PostgreSQL database server. psql -U username -h hostname -d databasename e.g. These arguments can be exported in environment variables similar to above connection commands

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PostgreSQL maintains Write Ahead Logging to keep records of transactions of database server. And keeps WALs in pg_xlog (Version 9.x and earlier) / pg_wal (Version 10.x and later) directory. However these WALs remains temporarily in this directory and overwrites WALs in Round Robin fashion depending upon configured wal_keep_segments parameter in postgresql.conf file. But these WALs can be archived to different permanent location where it will never be overwritten. Archived WALs plays major role in crash recovery or Point In Time

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When creating a Virtual Machine using ISO in Citrix XenServer you must have an ISO library. Which you can either setup using NFS Server(in Linux) or SMB Server(in Windows). In this post we’ll see how to create an ISO Library using NFS Server. Want to know how to configure NFS Server? Check this post. Connect to your XenServer using XenCenter(On Windows) or OpenXenManager(Linux – Unofficial). I’m using OpenXenManager which is an Opensource software to manage XenServer from Linux machines. Right

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NFS Server can be used to serve storage to multiple machines. Here’s how you can setup NFS Server on Ubuntu 19.10 Run Aptitude Update and Upgrade first. Once your system has latest updates installed. Run below apt command to install NFS Server Package. Now make a directory which you want to share over NFS. Change permission to 777 in order to make it publically accessible. Now edit /etc/exports file to add nfs rules Start the NFS Service. Export configuration. On

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PostgreSQL can be installed using yum, RPM packages or by compiling source code. I have already covered basic installation using yum. In this post I will going to cover Source Code based installation. So let’s begin. Install prerequisite packages. Make sure you have directory structure (Either on OS Mountpoint or Dedicated Mountpoint) for binaries and data files. I have dedicated mountpoints for Binaries (/pg_bin), for Database Cluster (/pg_data), for WAL Archives(/archive) and for Backup (/backup) as listed below. Check these

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When you’re running a server in a Virtual Environment with type one hypervisor and you’re require to add a new disk to your virtual machine then you will not have to bring down the server to add a new disk. You can do it with uptime. Here’s how you can do it in Citrix XenServer. Connect to your XenServer using XenCenter(On Windows) or OpenXenManager(Linux – Unofficial). I’m using OpenXenManager. Select a Virtual Machine in which you want to add a

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