When creating a Virtual Machine using ISO in Citrix XenServer you must have an ISO library. Which you can either setup using NFS Server(in Linux) or SMB Server(in Windows). In this post we’ll see how to create an ISO Library using NFS Server. Want to know how to configure NFS Server? Check this post. Connect to your XenServer using XenCenter(On Windows) or OpenXenManager(Linux – Unofficial). I’m using OpenXenManager which is an Opensource software to manage XenServer from Linux machines. Right […]

Configuring Oracle Linux 7.5 for Web Server Web Server could be of different types. By different types what I mean is, they could be setup to serve different type of environments based upon the programming languages used to develop a Website or Web Application like Java, php, .NET and many. Oracle Web-Logic or GlassFish(Open Source) server can be setup for Java EE based Website, Apache httpd or Lighttpd(Open Source) server can be setup to serve php based Website or Application,

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Setting Up Bare Metal Virtualization using ESXi Hypervisor You, being an IT guy, must be aware of Virtualization and must have had created VMs too on OS level hypervisors like Oracle’s VirtualBox or VM Ware. These type of Virtualization is achieved on the top of Host OS i.e. Windows, Linux or Mac. However, in this post, we’ll be going to see a Bare Metal Virtualization in which, there will be no middle OS between Hypervisor and Hardware. Yeah, you read

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