Upgrade to Oracle Database 19c from 12c using autoupgrade.jar In this demonstration, I have upgraded Oracle Database from to which is running on Oracle Linux 7.5 There were two methods till 18c for upgrade, 1. DBUA2. Manual – Using preupgrade.jar  However, in Oracle Database 19c there’s new method of upgrading the database is introduced. That is using Auto Upgrade utility. Database can directly be upgraded to 19c from below releases.,,,, and 18 I assume […]

Installation of Oracle Database 19c on Oracle Linux 7.5 Oracle Database 19c has the longest support boundary from Oracle i.e. 2026 for extended support. It’s time to upgrade to Oracle Database 19c. In this post  we’ll see the installation of Oracle Database 19c on Oracle Linux 7.5 Before we proceed with the installation, some of the points need to be taken care. Here I’m assuming you already have downloaded Database from Oracle eDelivery. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you

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PostgreSQL 12 on Oracle Linux 7.5 There are various methods available to install PostgreSQL database on your Linux server, however yum is one of the always preferred methods when it comes to RedHat Family Distributions.As this demonstration is done on Oracle Linux 7.5 you can proceed as it is for the installation on Oracle Linux 7.x RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.x & CentOS 7.x. If you’re planning to install it in anyother distribution or version, you may want to visit PostgreSQL

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Configuring Oracle Linux 7.5 for Web Server Web Server could be of different types. By different types what I mean is, they could be setup to serve different type of environments based upon the programming languages used to develop a Website or Web Application like Java, php, .NET and many. Oracle Web-Logic or GlassFish(Open Source) server can be setup for Java EE based Website, Apache httpd or Lighttpd(Open Source) server can be setup to serve php based Website or Application,

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