Installing Oracle Solaris 11 for Oracle Database Server

Installing Oracle Solaris 11 for Oracle Database Server

Oracle Solaris is one of the enterprise operating systems and a good option to go with when it comes to run a production workload. It is a widely selected operating environment to run Oracle Database Server. In this post, we’ll see how to install Oracle Solaris 11 on a Physical Standalone server to later install Oracle Database 18c.

In order to install Oracle Solaris on a Physical Server, we must have a bootable media DVD or a Pen drive. If you haven’t downloaded Oracle Solaris ISO yet, you may download it from Oracle eDelivery portal here. Let’s start.

1. Go to the boot menu of the machine and select a proper bootable media device to get this screen and select highlighted option to proceed with the installation.

2. Select Keyboard layout and Language, default is English US.

3. Then it will be booted to Graphical UI. Now select Install Oracle Solaris option.

4. Then it will take you to the Installation Wizard, click on Next here.

5. Select Disk Discovery option, in our case it is Local Disks,after the selection click on Next.

6. Select the partition where you want to install Solaris,after the selection click on Next.

7. Select Region, Location and Timezone then Click on Next.

8. Enter user details and server name, Click on Next.

9. Enter support email address if you want else leave it default as it is, Click on Next.

10. Verify your selections from summary screen and Click on Install.

Installation in progress.

11. After the installation is complete, click on Reboot to start the system.

12. Enter oracle in username and click on login.

Enter password for oracle, which we have created while installation and Click on Login.

And it’s done.

We’ve successfully installed Oracle Solaris 11 a on Physical Standalone Server for Oracle Database, in my next post we’ll see how to install Oracle Database 18c on Oracle Solaris 11.

Peace 🙂

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